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               A Sadguru does not, even in his dreams, expect any service or profit from his disciples. On the contrary, he wishes to serve them. He does not think that he is great and the disciple small. Not only does he love them as his children, but regards them as equal to himself or Brahma. The main characteristic of a Sadguru is that he is the abode of peace. He is never restless or ruffled and has no pride of His learning. The poor and the rich, the small and the great, are all the same to him.

                Even in his youth, Baba hoarded nothing (expect perhaps chillim). He had no family, friends, home or any support. Since He was eighteen, His control over His mind was perfect and extraordinary. Earlier in his life, He lived fearlessly in a secluded place and always abided in His Self. Seeing the pure attachment of His devotees, He always acted in their interests and hence He was in a way dependent on them. Experiences similar to the ones He gave His devotees while he was alive, are even today, after His Mahasamadhi, experienced by those who attach themselves to Him.

1912, April 

          Baba Who was smoking a chillim(clay pipe) advanced it towards him and beckoned him to smoke it. Balaram was not accustomed to smoking, yet he accepted the pipe, smoked it with great difficulty and returned it reverentially with a bow. This was a very auspicious moment for Balaram; He had been suffering from Asthma for six years and this smoke completely cured him of the disease. Six years later, on a particular day, he again had an attack of Asthma. This was precisely the time when Baba embarked on his Mahasamadhi. (Ref: Chapter 50, Sai Satcharitra Hemadpant)

May 2014
                On 26th May 2014 , we witnessed Shree Shirdi Saibaba miracle that we blessed with girl child with baba’s chillum as mole on right hand wrist.

 As remembrance of Sai Baba miracle, we would like to build temple for Sai Baba. So, philanthropist Sai devotees are appealed to join this holy mission. They are requested to contact Sivaraja on email psivarajaksm@gmail,  Mobile+91  8489979898

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